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How to get partial transformation items?

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2022 10:39 am
by Dark_Messiah
So, i have created all the classes to see how they play, and chose the leg partial transformation item for every one of them so that they could travel faster. 2 of them, the scout and the guardian get the leg transformation item schematic from the very first quest. Meaning, having chosen the leg item during character creation, it will be a duplicate item, so i won't be able to get the full set of partial transformation items by lvl 20 from quests. Also it takes 5 days to delete a character? really? just so that i can recreate it due to the mistake of choosing the wrong item at the character's creation... wow... ok...

Anyways, instead of deleting the character and waiting 5 days i was wondering, is there a way to convert the item into another one? or get one from an npc or something?