Death Match Bug Location

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Death Match Bug Location

Post by dragona3 »

Hi, I just want to report this Bug from Death Match. I try to hide from my enemies and I climb to the top of mountain but not too far away so I will not disqualifed in DM. So when I try to move on to the top of mountain I can't specify which but I move to another location. See in the Picture. I will try to take a picture of the specific mountain where I got to this location If I join again another DM. Hope it helps you.

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Re: Death Match Bug Location

Post by Asmodeus »

Hi! Thank you for your report.

We've received several reports that some players are using some clever tricks to teleport to inaccessible areas of the arena instead of fighting, making it impossible for the opponent to continue the battle.

Therefore we have recently made a change in the PvP arena, so that if you get lost on the mountains ( impassable area ) you will automatically teleport to the middle of the map, thus interrupting the pvp.

The solution is to not use the teleport skill near the mountain and try to avoid this situation. Thank you!

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