Ezulan Tomb Bug

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Ezulan Tomb Bug

Post by UrkaWarrior »

FYI. this is not the only time we experienced this bug, no ezulan tomb boss. thus the quest cannot be completed and the ezulan amarantis trans cannot be transferred to other members.
please check this bug. thanks

looking forward to some compensation as we missed one day of rewards that we can get from the castle tomb.

please see the image in the link as proof.

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Re: Ezulan Tomb Bug

Post by Asmodeus »

Hi! It's not a bug, it's just that the boss spawns every 24 hours.
So the situation can happen that players can already pick up the quest, enter the area, but the boss is not there yet, because the 24 hours has not passed since the previous defeat.
So it's worth waiting 24 hours before the next run.

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